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He won’t marry me and I’m done waiting.

I knew my tough-as-nails military man Adam Taylor would eventually break my heart. And now he has.

For thirteen years I’ve patiently waited for my high school crush turned soulmate to start a family with me. But there always seems to be just one more mission between us finally moving away from this army base.

He promised me that his career in the military wouldn’t be forever, but here we are.


Living together only half of the time when he is home between assignments.

My biological clock is ticking so loudly, I’m surprised he doesn’t hear it. He assures me he wants a family too, but those are empty words. When he takes action, it’s always his job first, me second.

It’ll be my birthday while he is away and I refuse to turn thirty and risk becoming a widow before I was even a wife.

So, when he shows up at the door the night before he has to deploy, with whiskey on his lips and with an apology in his sapphire eyes, I let him into our house…and our bed.

Am I an idiot to believe he will ever quit the army, and choose me over defusing bombs?

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