A Piece of My Heart

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ISBN-13: 9780620706957
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Published: 4/14/2016

Do you believe in fate?

Sometimes, just sometimes, a series of unrelated events leads you to a particular place, out of your usual context, to meet a person that changes your life forever.

Do you believe in love?

When you meet the one, that person is more than just a lover, boyfriend or husband. They are your other. Time, place, age - these things are meaningless to two souls who call each other home.

Do you believe in happily ever after?

Is it possible? What if, when your path crosses with the one, the universe rolls out a red carpet and gives you your happy ending?

That’s how it is when Victoria, a young twenty-four year old teacher from South Africa meets the Turkish businessman, Alkan, who is thirteen years her senior. From the outside, these two should have nothing in common, but from the moment they lay eyes on each other, they both know that they have found their other.

1Debut novel and contemporary romance by Cindi Page now available on Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback format.

A Piece of My Heart (Full Circle, #1)