Meet Love at Last Author Dorothy Ewels

The romance writing community in South Africa (ROSA) is an intimate, inclusive open sharing and learning one. The Cape Town chapter started getting together between conferences and it was in this context that I met Dorothy two years ago.

At the time she was writing but was not yet published – so I am thrilled today to be interviewing her on my blog as a published author and introducing her debut novel Love at Last.

(As I’m in England, we did a loo-ong Whatsapp call – it was great!)

How does it feel to finally have your first book baby out in the world?

I’m excited, nervous – there’s a moment where you ask yourself: what have done?? You always hope it will be well received – and I’m blown away with the reviews and feedback so far.

What is Love at Last about – in one sentence?

It’s all bout heartbreak, finding love and… sex scenes!

What has been the best part of the publishing journey so far?

Good question, I think – how well its been received. You hope that what you write will gel with readers. That’s been awesome. The moment the book went live – was quite a moment.

What has been the worst?

Marketing – it’s not my strong point. Having to put myself out there.

This is my favourite review on Amazon…

I read this to her:

This is the first book that I have read by Dorothy. I loved it. There was suspense, heart wrenching moments, romance and love. The beginning has you gripped wanting to know who and what is going to happen. I absolutely love Adam. From the very beginning he is caring and sweet. Willow suffers something no one should ever go through. But she ends up with a little happiness. Adam and Willow meet up 4 years after first meeting and things are still strong between them. But will they get through the past that is still after Willow. This was a wonderful written book from beginning to end. Absolutely loved the storyline and the characters. Willow was so strong through everything no matter how much she wanted to break down. I highly recommend reading this one.

How does that make you feel?

Wow – oh wow. Tearful…  its just amazing when readers get it.

What you can expect from Love at Last

A romance that offers a complex heroine – and a second chance at love.

All I can say is – go buy this book! Give a local author some love. BUY IT HERE.

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