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A Piece of My Heart went on holiday to the Maldives, and that makes me both happy and very jelly!

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Personal update

I’ve been quiet for some months because we moved. Not just house, but country. My family and I relocated to the UK and it took months of slog and planning to get here. While we are still finding our feet (albeit more often in thick socks and boots nowadays), the kids have settled well, I’ve found a book club and every week gets a bit easier. Immigrating is not for sissies!

Book news

A Piece of My Heart (e-book) is FINALLY permanently free on Amazon, Kobo and iBooks – yay! If you still haven’t read it – go grab it here now! And don’t forget that Alkan and Victoria’s story continues in Full Circle. These are my favourite reviews for Full Circle so far – thank you!!

My new project…

Even though I have not written a word in many months, I’ll soon be putting butt – in – chair to catch up on lost time in November with Nano. I’m aiming at 1000 words a day – which won’t finish my new novel by a long shot, but it’s a start and will hopefully get the momentum going again.

Wish me luck!

Cindi Page Author

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