Why the royal wedding is the perfect love story

Roll on 19 May!!! As you guessed, I’m pretty excited about the royal wedding — and I’m not even a Brit!!

Never missing a social media post on the upcoming nuptials and the tabloids (oh, the tabloids!!), I started wondering Why On Earth do I care this much about people I don’t know and have never met. And the answer is quite simple really. I, like you, am a sucker for romance. And do you know why we love romance? Because we love seeing the conflict in action and watching our heroes and heroine’s issues dissolve when they find true love.

So let’s take Harry…

He is the royal wild child who covers up his grief by living life to the max. He is delightfully naughty and we find him rather endearing because well, he is a ginger!! And has a compassionate heart under all that Van Wilder Party Liaison exterior. In the royal pecking order, he is unlikely to ever be king, but still bears the brunt of constantly being in the limelight. And when his brother, Prince William marries the perfect woman…well, we all kinda assumed he’d be a bachelor for ever.

Enter Meghan Markle…

Famous, successful Hollywood actress (Not British). Mixed race (Not European). Divorcee (Not Innocent). In a nutshell, not exactly classic Princess material.

Will Harry’s family accept her? Will the Queen give her blessing? Squeee! So much potential conflict!

And how does a prince meet an actress anyway? By being set up by a well connected friend, of course.

Where did they meet? On neutral ground: Canada. While they are both in their usual elements – she’s filming suits and he is doing his royal duties at a sporting event. Perfect.

When they do hit it off, they have to overcome living on different continents. It’s 2018 – social media comes into play and Meghan starts following Harry on Instagram soon after they met. And they spend much time texting – just like regular joes go about falling in love. And just like that, Yolandi Koekemoer from Pitsonderwater can also relate.

Will Harry’s heart heal now that he has found love? Will these two give us what we want: a Happily Ever After?? and what will their babies look like??

Only time will tell 🙂

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