I believe in second chance love…

I’m the girl who fell in love with the same guy twice…and then married him. I believe in love, the fated meant to be kind. Stick with me and I’ll convince you too 💜

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You & Me Series 

You & Me is a series of interconnected standalone books following the British-born Taylor brothers and the women who love them.

This is a steamy, second-chance romance series with themes such as friends to lovers, brothers best friend, enemies to lovers, secret baby, close proximity, “lessons”, grumpy/sunshine and forbidden romance.

They do not need to be read in order, but you will gain glimpses of future characters/couples in each book.

Trust Me

Book 1 in the You & Me series. Angsty, steamy second-chance romance. HEA guaranteed with an extended epilogue.

He won’t marry me and I’m done waiting.

I knew my tough-as-nails military man Adam Taylor would eventually break my heart. And now he has.

So, when he shows up at the door the night before he has to deploy, with whiskey on his lips and with an apology in his sapphire eyes, I let him into our house…and our bed.

Am I an idiot to believe he will ever quit the army, and choose me over defusing bombs?

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Save Me

Book 2 in the You & Me Series. Second-chance amnesia trope with a cinnamon roll hero.

I can sum up the biggest mistakes of my life in two words: Leo Taylor.
Two years ago, I broke up with Britain’s hottest TV heartthrob on a post-it note.
And then I vanished. On purpose. Now he hates me, and I don’t blame him.
I thought I’d gotten his piercing blue eyes out of my system, but then I took a once-off job to be his bodyguard. That was my first mistake. Leo got badly injured on my watch, and now he’s got broken bones and memory loss. It’s my fault he got hurt, so it has to be me to care for him while he recuperates in Madrid–as far from the British press as possible. That was my second mistake.

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