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CindirellaWrites Romance

Cindi Page (@cindirellawrites) tells stories about second-chance love because she fell in love with the same boy twice. Born in South Africa, she now lives in England with her second-chance husband, their two sons and her loyal lapdog and writing companion, Charlie.



A Piece of My Heart
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Victoria Bekker is running away, and she knows it.

But that’s not how she spins the story of her decision to extend her gap year, and jet off from Japan to Turkey for another contract at a language school.

The last thing she is looking for is love, but when she agrees to take on a once-off translating gig to impress her new boss, she gets more than just a hefty bonus. The translating job comes with a proposition: pretend to be Alkan Aslan’s date… and spy for the night.

She should say no.

But the moment he touches her, her body ignites and she knows she should run the hell away.

Instead, she says yes.

Alkan Aslan knows he is in trouble.

He has no choice. Victoria might be the translator he asked for, but she is his last hope.

He has to secure this business deal with the Japanese hotel chain–even if it means coercing his young translator to pretend to be his date. He needs her to keep him in the loop about what his foreign business counterparts are saying about him behind his back.

That was his plan all along, but he didn't bargain on Victoria being so goddamn sexy. She’s way too young for him, and his life is complicated at best, but Victoria gets under his skin in a way no other woman has ever managed.

He never stood a chance.

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