I believe in second chance love…

I’m the girl who fell in love with the same guy twice…and then married him. I believe in love, the fated meant to be kind. Stick with me and I’ll convince you too đŸ™‚

Just for the holidays 2022!

A Limited Release RomCom with all the Christmas feels.

Angel hates Christmas. A lot. And this year is going to be worse than usual because guess what? Her mum invited her ex!!!

If you loved Bridget Jones, then you’ll love this fun and festive short-read available on Amazon Only and free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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Blood Brothers Book 1: Adam’s Story

Defusing bombs is what he does, but can Adam stop his relationship with Evie from blowing up?

Staff Sergeant Adam Taylor is an explosives expert in the British Army but his relationship with Evie is a ticking time bomb. After thirteen years they find themselves in the trenches of change. Will they survive?

Trust Me is a second-chance romance that’ll make you laugh, cry and believe in forever love all over again.

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