Why the royal wedding is the perfect love story

Roll on 19 May!!! As you guessed, I’m pretty excited about the royal wedding — and I’m not even a Brit!!

Never missing a social media post on the upcoming nuptials and the tabloids (oh, the tabloids!!), I started wondering Why On Earth do I care this much about people I don’t know and have never met. And the answer is quite simple really. I, like you, am a sucker for romance. And do you know why we love romance? Because we love seeing the conflict in action and watching our heroes and heroine’s issues dissolve when they find true love.

So let’s take Harry…

He is the royal wild child who covers up his grief by living life to the max. He is delightfully naughty and we find him rather endearing because well, he is a ginger!! And has a compassionate heart under all that Van Wilder Party Liaison exterior. In the royal pecking order, he is unlikely to ever be king, but still bears the brunt of constantly being in the limelight. And when his brother, Prince William marries the perfect woman…well, we all kinda assumed he’d be a bachelor for ever.

Enter Meghan Markle…

Famous, successful Hollywood actress (Not British). Mixed race (Not European). Divorcee (Not Innocent). In a nutshell, not exactly classic Princess material.

Will Harry’s family accept her? Will the Queen give her blessing? Squeee! So much potential conflict!

And how does a prince meet an actress anyway? By being set up by a well connected friend, of course.

Where did they meet? On neutral ground: Canada. While they are both in their usual elements – she’s filming suits and he is doing his royal duties at a sporting event. Perfect.

When they do hit it off, they have to overcome living on different continents. It’s 2018 – social media comes into play and Meghan starts following Harry on Instagram soon after they met. And they spend much time texting – just like regular joes go about falling in love. And just like that, Yolandi Koekemoer from Pitsonderwater can also relate.

Will Harry’s heart heal now that he has found love? Will these two give us what we want: a Happily Ever After?? and what will their babies look like??

Only time will tell 🙂

Looking back on 2017, and forward to 2018

cindi page romance author

Ahh…a new year! A magical clean slate to start over, try again and try and fix the mistakes of the previous year.

But for once, instead of beating myself up for the things I did not accomplish in 2017 (like publish Full Circle), I’m going to recall the things I did manage to do, because although 2017 was a total roller coaster, it has left me and my family with many happy memories and proud moments.

Starting with our health. Our family went sugar free in January last year, and although in December we wined and dined like there was no tomorrow, we were pretty good the whole year. I’m really proud over all of how much more conscious we are of what we eat and how much more we move.

Our kids flourished at school and otherwise in 2017. Our eldest moved from an Afrikaans language stream to English, and despite the challenges that that can bring when you are 10, he sailed through the year. Not only that, he also got his blue belt in karate! The younger little guy finished his first grade like a rock star and moved to the goalie position in his soccer team, where he did really well. They’re growing up fast, and I could not be prouder of how they carry themselves out there in the big wide world.

We travelled to the US and hiked up Mt. Lassen. We also went to Las Vegas and spent time with our American friends.

We got married! In November I married my high school sweetheart <3

I released Without You, a secret novella just for my subscribers.

Book by Cindi Page Author


I guess, what I’m trying to say is – yes, I did not reach my goal last year to publish a second book, but I did a lot of other great things. And sometimes you just have to cut yourself a break, and “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”




And on that note, here are my Wildly Important Goals for 2018.

  1. I want to publish Full Circle as soon as possible.
  2. I want to complete my first draft of my next novel (which I’ve already started working on).
  3. I want to read more books, like at least 50 this year.
  4. I want to learn to meditate.
  5. I want more quality time with family.


I hope that your coming year is filled with adventures instead of detours, and opportunities instead of disappointments. May 2018 be year where you find yourself further along the path you want to be, living your life to the fullest with those you love.

Cindi Page Author


Dear Subscribers, ‘Without You’ is Just for you!

Without You is exclusively and totally free to my subscribers only.

You’re special. I mean it 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, but I want to. Because this year I have so much to be thankful for, not least of all, the people who buy and read my books.

I’ve been working on a short novella called Without You. It’s sort of like a bridging story between A Piece of My Heart and the sequel, Full Circle (Dec. 2017). You are going to love it! It’s all about what the sexy Turkish businessman Alkan Aslan gets up to after that heartbreaking moment when Victoria says she doesn’t want to get back together with him.

Full Circle will be released in December 2017, so watch this space!

Eeeek! That’s just around the corner.

In the mean time, dear subscribers, this will be landing in your inbox just in time for Thanksgiving weekend!

Happy reading!

Book by Cindi Page Author

Why ‘The End’ is never really The End

It’s Sunday, the 15th October 2017. I’ve just finished my final revision for my second romance novel and new novel FULL CIRCLE, which is the final instalment, and follow up book to my debut, A PIECE OF MY HEART.

Early this morning, I nudged my fiancĂ© awake to tell him that I’d declared a today a duvet day. I needed to write the ending to my book. It started raining, which if you had insight into the current water crisis in the region I live in South Africa, you’d understand, rain in October is a big deal. (We only have 18% usable water left in our dams, and summer hasn’t started yet).

So, today is bittersweet.

  • I finished the final revision to my second book FULL CIRCLE (it took me 18 months to write this one, but hey!)
  • It rained for a couple of hours.
  • My Ouma Jane would have been 101 years old today and I can’t believe she’s been gone for 4 years already.
  • My Ouma Audrey died on this day, 8 years ago.

But if there’s  one thing I’ve learned about ‘The End’, it’s this: the end is never really ‘The End’. I may have had to say goodbye to my grandmothers, but they still live in my memories of them. I may have finished writing this book, but the work is far from done.

‘The End’ does not mean that your book is not magically done. No, the writing may be  largely complete, save for the editor’s instructions / changes. But the work of publishing your book has just started. Cover. Formatting. Book Blurb. Marketing. Waiting for the reviews to roll in. Printing proofs and sign offs. Freebies. Distribution.

The list can go on for days. But I would not have it any other way.

Today we celebrate!

Cindi Page Author






P.S. Here’s a very unflattering pic of me, still in my PJs at 2 in the afternoon, with a glass of bubbly celebrating finishing my book FULL CIRCLE.

full circle romance author cindi page

Full Circle’s First Teaser!!


I know, I know, there’s been nothing but radio silence from me for the longest time. I’ve been busy – also with my writing and polishing the final installment of the Full Circle duology, called Full Circle. And because this week I got asked on separate occasions from readers ‘when is the next book coming out?’ I decided to release a little teaser from the book…!!

Also, stay tuned, I’ll be doing some newsletter sign-ups in the coming weeks with a HUGE FREEBIE!

Sign up for my newsletter HERE.

Exciting times indeed!

So how would you like to see Victoria & Alkan get together for their happy ending??

Full circle romance novel by cindi page author


Meet the Lovely Cape Town Author, Therese Beharrie!

cindi page author interview

I met Therese for the first time at a romance writer’s retreat earlier this year and was instantly taken with a sassy, confident nature. She kindly allowed me to interview her. Meet Therese!

“Well, one of the most romantic things my husband’s ever done for me was to take a short story I wrote and have it bound into a book to show me he supported my writing dreams. This was before we were even dating…” – Therese Beharrie

What is the name of your latest novel?

A Marriage Worth Saving (June 2017)

Why do you choose to write?

Writing has always been a comfort to me, especially during a tough childhood at school. I write now hoping my writing will give someone else comfort.

What is your favourite part of writing a novel?

Since I got my publishing contract, I’ve realised how much joy writing diverse characters from my country brings me. I also love creating the emotion and angst of falling in love!

What are you currently reading?

His Baby Agenda by Katherine Garbera

What was the first book / author you fell in love with?

I can’t remember the first book (though very likely something written by Roald Dahl when I was about seven), but the first author I remember loving is Stephenie Meyer after Twilight came out.

Where do you write?

Anywhere at home, really: my desk, the kitchen counter, the dining-room table, our couches, in bed…

If you were whisked away to a remote island for some RnR – what book would you take (just one!), what drink would you order?

Anything Nora Roberts has written in the past two years and probably a passion fruit and lemonade

After you write a book, who gets to read it first?

My editor. No-one reads my work before it’s published besides her.

Best place you’ve traveled to?

The Maldives for my honeymoon

Where do you get character inspiration from in your latest book?

I usually get them from Pinterest for their appearances, and then for their personalities, I’ll focus on one key characteristic or event in their past and build the character around that.

What can your readers look forward to?

My new book! The Millionaire’s Redemption (August 2017).

Connect with Therese

Website: www.theresebeharrie.com

Facebook: Therese Beharrie, Author (https://www.facebook.com/theresebeharrie/)

Twitter: @ThereseBeharrie (https://twitter.com/ThereseBeharrie)

Why I like romance novels that DON’T have a happy ending

I feel like I can talk about this now – the fact that I looooove romance novels, but always want to vomit a little when the (“happy”) endings are either: A – a marriage proposal, B – a wedding, C – a baby. I just don’t buy it – the happy endings which tie up all the loose ends. I’m mean, really – REALLY?!

No, not really, and for romance readers that’s just the point. They demand that their heroes and heroines fight obstacle after obstacle to be together – but in the end, that they do live Happily Ever After (HEA) or are at least Happy For Now (HFN).

The first book I read that did not have a happy ending was Love Story by Erich Segal, I’m also a fan of films / books aka stories like The Way we Were, Up Close and Personal, Me without You, The Promise of Stardust and The Fault in our Stars. The fact that the couples don’t end up together does not tarnish from the beauty of the love story, not in the least. On the contrary, the fact that their love is bitter sweet is the very element that resonates with me. I buy that 100%.

This morning I read Riven, a novel by local SA author Lissa Del, in one sitting. It was plot driven, brimming with romance but without the HEA. And believe me, she pulls it off effortlessly. I can’t help but wonder if this is not the way romance fiction is going, maybe one day there will be a sub-genre for romance without the HEA? What do you think?

Obviously, if you’ve read my book, you’ll already know that I don’t care much about subscribing the traditional happy ending. But I won’t lie, I was put under quite a bit of pressure to write a follow up book that would give Alkan and Victoria their happy ending – so I did, and that will be released before Christmas 2017.

So, if I’m not a huge fan of writing true romance, then I why did I do just that for Full Circle, the conclusion of Alkan and Victoria’s story? Because they are soulmates. Because some couples get their happily ever after and live it too! But that kind of love is rare, so, so rare.

And I just want readers to know that, and respect the fact that the greatest loves are messed up, but that that should not detract from the beauty of a great story.

Cindi Page Author




Meet Erica Taylor, Regency Romance Writer


I met Erica Taylor at the 2016 Romance Writers of South Africa’s Conference in Gauteng and we just clicked. At the time, her debut book, A Suitable Affair had just been bought by Amberjack Publishers (USA) and in a few short weeks, it will be released (6 June 2016)! Exciting times!

Since then I’ve really come to admire Erica as an author. She treats her novel writing as a REAL job, and not only is her writing beautiful, it’s sassy and sexy too. Since our first meeting in September, she has written 3 more books. She is a machine, a mother and one heck of a writer. [Read the glowing reviews A Suitable Affair has received so far here.] Book 2 in the Macalister series, The Perfect Dutchess, releases April 2018.

A Suitable Affair Erica Taylor

Naturally, with all the excitement of A Suitable Affair, I asked her for an author interview.

Read the blurb…

Despite being beautiful and wealthy, Lady Susanna Macalister’s marriage prospects are rather lacking. Unwilling to let an opportunity pass her by, she decides a loveless marriage is better than spinsterhood, as it will allow her to continue her charities.

The life of Ian Carlisle, the Earl of Westcott, has been overshadowed by darkness and guilt for the past decade. Having abandoned his family when he was eighteen, Ian’s position within a secret division of the government has provided him an escape from the guilt he feels over the death of his sister.

When the Earl’s horse almost tramples Susanna in the middle of Hyde Park, Ian embraces the chance encounter as a possibility for redemption, for Susanna’s soon-to-be fiancĂ© is the man Ian holds responsible for the death of his sister. Can this damaged lord hope to absolve the guilt he feels for failing his beloved sister by saving this vibrant, and unsuspecting lady from a similar fate? And will this charity-minded well-bred lady, who is not the perfectly bound book as Ian assumes, be willing to take a chance on the unstable earl, when something more dignified and permanent is well within reach?

Why do you choose to write?

Does any author choose to write? Or is it just something they do? I’ve always had stories in my head, since I was a child. My teen years they turned into really bad poetry and song lyrics, and during college/university it was Harry Potter fan fiction. I’d always wanted to be an author but never really thought about it in seriousness until I found myself needing a career that could be picked up and moved easily. Now I write to keep myself sane.

What is your favourite part of writing a novel?

My favorite part would be when the two characters admit to each other they are love. For each pair of characters that revelation has come about differently, accompanied by a mixed bag of emotions unique to that character and story. Each declaration should be filled with hope and wonder, but that’s not necessarily the case.

What are you currently reading?

I never have a current read. When I pick up a book, I normally finish it within a few hours, or over two days at the most. I read quite fast. The last book I read was Crossing Hearts by Rebecca Crowley, before that My Fair Duchess by Megan Frampton.

What was the first book / author you fell in love with?

The first novel I remember being obsessed with, and craving more, was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. There were many books I read before that and I had a wide range of reading interested from sci-fi to history to thriller, even as a pre-teen, but HP #6 is the book that hooked me into a series. And even then, the minor plot line of the love story was what I was turning the page to read about. As for my genre, Amanda Quick The Paid Companion was my first historical romance, and Julia Quinn and Gaelen Foley hooked me with their families series.

Where do you write?

Often in my home office, but I’ve been known to jot down scenes at soccer practices and dance classes, or if a scene/conversation comes to me out of the blue, I will type it into the notepad on my phone. I usually have a playlist for the story I’m working on that is on repeat while I write.

Do you have any special talents / interests?

I adore Broadway. I think in another life I would have been a Broadway something– composer or actor, except I have no musical talent whatsoever.

What is your secret indulgence, that you won’t readily admit? I

t’s not necessarily a secret, but it’s definitely a hypocrisy for an author. While I enjoy reading, and do often, I’d rather watch a movie. Spending a day at the cinema with some good movies or binge watching a riveting show or movie series recharges me more than a book ever could. And it can’t be anything too heavy, I don’t want to think too much afterwards. I’d just like a fun entertaining cinematic journey to allow my brain to turn off for an hour or two.

If you were whisked away to a remote island for some RnR – what book would you take (just one!), what drink would you order?

No way could I choose one. I’d rather have music or just silence. I’m not the type to reread a book so having just one book would probably drive me more insane than not having one at all. And I’d order something fruity and tropical. Pina Colada or a margarita.

Do you have a superpower?

I read really fast. And I am exceptional at identifying voices.

Thanks for answering my questions!

Cindi Page Author

You can connect with Erica: Website: www.ericataylorauthor.com /

Facebook: ericataylorauthor / Twitter: @ericatayor / Instagram: @ericataylorauthor

She’ll also be hosting a fabulous Facebook Book Launch June 4-6, so look her up!